It's personal

Another series with focus on time alone. 

Hello. I am Jorun, and I am an introvert.

For a period of my life I have been extremely self conscious when taking time for myselves. I have always wondered "What will  t h e y think of me?", and naturally I have also imagined what  t h e i r  thoughts would be. (T h e y  probably think this. And that...!") Mostly I have imagined something close to "Wierdo", and in this series I try to visualize some of the thoughts I've had, and also combine my imagination with the feeling I get when taking this time for my selves. 

I have newly started this project (summer 2016), and these images are just the beginning. Just starting to clean my closet.

I have been doing some awkward and delightful research at this point, and I have experienced that my she-is-a-wierdo-thoughts are not so far from the truth. Try going to a concert alone, and give me a comment on how that felt for you.

It's personal.